Monday, January 17, 2011

Buca Di Beppo Italian Margarita Recipe

The new year ...

course, if you start with good intentions. For my part, to maintain the blog somewhat regularly, which until now to tell the truth Sun worked middlings. But 2011 is still long.

Another good intent of me next year to excite less and more able to enjoy using the bright things of life, such as by Guido Westerwelle poignant speech at the Twelfth Meeting, which I was on a home TV screen in full length - one of my favorite parts is right at the beginning, in the protests of the Vice-Chancellor: "For whom do we make [pluralistic majestatis?] as politics? For the people to know. " good thing that it does not make policy for cows, cars or bricks. Or in this interesting piece Fund, which shows how wonderful spirit can mean the world to be.

Otherwise: eat more fruit. Most of all fruits that look like they come from another planet, like the here.

More Movement (fortunately, my desk chair has wheels down to it).

altherren all sounds very excessive. Beautiful. It is actually not so younger ...


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